Prompt: Write a story based on a common conspiracy theory
Genre: Any
Word Count: 1000 words
Deadline: Thursday, June 2nd, 2011, 4:30 pm EST


By Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw

In February of 1962, President John F Kennedy met in secret with the leaders of Canada and Mexico, to explore the possibility of establishing a North American Union.  This was at the height of the Cold War, and it did not take long for Russia to learn of these meetings.

Recognizing that such a union would dramatically alter the economic and political status quo, and tip the balance of power between the two superpowers irrevocably in favor of the United States, Premier Khrushchev ordered the KGB to “settle the Kennedy problem” once and for all.

In late April, a coded message was sent to a sleeper in southern California.


In the early summer of 1962, while working on “Something’s Got To Give”, a young writer at 20th Century Fox caught Marilyn Monroe’s eye.  This was shortly after Marilyn had been deemed a security risk to the presidency, and was “warned off” of the Kennedy brothers.  On the rebound, Marilyn was quite receptive to the young man’s “attentions” and soon the two of them began a clandestine sexual relationship.  His name was Thomas Evans… otherwise known by his KGB handlers as “Blond Ambition”.

Thomas’s mission was simple… establish a relationship with Marilyn in order to gain access to the President.  Security would be minimal at their little rendezvous’ and the Russians saw this as the perfect opportunity to assassinate Kennedy and place the blame on an unsuspecting Marilyn.

Marilyn did not tell Thomas that she was now persona non grata with the president.  Instead, she told him that JFK was very busy, but would be coming out to the West Coast in a few weeks to spend the weekend with her.

In late July, after an evening of sex, booze, and drugs at Thomas’s West Hollywood bungalow, Marilyn awoke in the middle of the night to find Thomas gone from her side.  In a haze of drugs and alcohol, she wandered through the house and made a startling discovery.  In a tiny room at the back of the house, Thomas was hunched over a short wave radio, speaking in Russian.  Marilyn ran from the room, screaming that Thomas was a “dirty Commie spy”.  Thomas gave chase and caught up with Marilyn outside on the front lawn.  Screaming incoherently, she collapsed on the dew-covered grass, succumbing to the depressants in her system.

When Marilyn awoke the next day, she could recall nothing of the previous evening; it appeared that Thomas’s identity was safe.  However, Thomas had dutifully reported the incident to his controller, who ordered him to kill Marilyn immediately.  Thomas could not do this… he had fallen hopelessly in love with Marilyn.  Over the course of the next several days, he tried to convince his controller that Marilyn knew nothing, and that there was no reason to kill her.  His controller argued that the risk was too great… Marilyn had to die.


This is where I came in.


I watch as the green sedan turns out of Fifth Helena Drive and heads north on Carmelina.  After waiting several minutes, I pull away from the curb and turn into the cul-de-sac, parking the black Volkswagen at the end, next the curved wall fronting Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood estate.  Reaching under the front seat, I unclip the tiny derringer and stash it in the bottom of my purse.  Checking makeup and glasses in the rear-view mirror, I am ready.

It takes several minutes for Marilyn to come to the door.  The face that greets me is a tragic parody of her movie posters… puffy, tear-stained, lipstick and mascara a wreck, drugged look in her eyes.

“Miss Monroe” I say, handing her my card.  “My name is Nina Johnson, Dr. Greenson’s assistant.  Doctor asked me to come by and…” I stop… Marilyn looks as if she is about to collapse.  “Oh, you poor dear” I say, catching her and guiding her back into the living room and over to the sofa.

We talk for some time, or rather… Marilyn talks and I listen… my ears perking up when she re-tells of a particular evening with a lover… Thomas… she does know!  After a while, I suggest to Marilyn that she take a little nap, and we will talk more when she wakes up… that I need to confer with Doctor.

Marilyn becomes agitated, begging me not to leave her, and then… as if a switch was turned, she suddenly becomes this sultry little seductress, moving close to me… touching me.  What is expression in America?  Business is business… but, do not forsake pleasure?  Marilyn stands… taking my hand… she leads us down the hall to her bedroom.

Buttons unfasten… zippers slide down… clasps undone… delicate lace slips down creamy thighs… soon we are lying against one another… Marilyn’s warm, soft mouth pressed to mine… tongues entwined… her soft breasts pressed to mine… moving down her flawless body… my long, dark tresses brush over her creamy, pink skin…lips caressing warm flesh… lower… over the rise of her mons… the heat of her passion warms my face as I lower my mouth… red-painted lips parted… she moans softly…

Some time later… Marilyn slumbers.  I slip quietly out of bed and dress… gazing down at her beauty… a small regret forms… and then… passes.  I walk back out to the living room for my purse… stopping to set things right, and then return to the bedroom.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I retrieve the small hypodermic from its case… gently easing Marilyn’s thighs apart… fingers part her delicate flower… the tiny needle slips into her flesh.  I wait.  A few minutes later… her breasts no longer rise and fall.

I stand and look down… the face of a sleeping angel… peaceful.  Bending over her, my lips touch Marilyn’s in a final kiss…

“Good bye, Norma Jean…”      


Dallas, Texas – November 22, 1963 – 2:48 AM

Unobserved, a dark haired young woman, carrying a long package, entered the Bryan pergola on the north side of Dealey Plaza.  A little less than ten hours later, she left… walking slowly in the opposite direction that people were running to.


About VeronicaThePajamaThief

Bio: Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw Born in Lisboa, Portugal to parents of Portuguese/Russian descent, Veronica Marie and her wife, Christina Anne, call the Pacific Northwest home, where the couple are “still very much on honeymoon!” When not teaching and finishing her own studies for a Masters in Sociology, Veronica writes fiction, primarily noir - "I love dark!". Her long fascination with noir fiction prompted Veronica to try her own hand at writing fiction several years ago. She has been published in Pulp Metal Magazine, The Lost Children: A Charity Anthology, the horror anthology 100 Horrors, from Cruentus Libri Press, Nightfalls: an End of the World anthology, Drunk On The Moon 2: A Roman Dalton anthology and Gloves Off: Near To the Knuckle's debut anthology. Veronica has also appeared in the inaugural issue of Literary Orphans magazine and her horror/urban fantasy short story SOUL TAKER was recently chosen for inclusion in Lily Childs' february femmes fatales, an urban fantasy/horror anthology. Veronica counts among her mentors - Carole A Parker, Lily Childs, Paul D Brazill, Richard Godwin, Joyce Juzwik and Vicki Abelson. She is currently working on the third draft of her first novel – a memoir – as well the second draft of her first fiction novel, a fantasy novel and the publication of a collection of her flash fiction and short stories. Lily's The Feardom and Vicki Abelson's Women Who Write Facebook writing group have both been a tremendous source of support and inspiration for Veronica. Veronica’s writings can be found athttp://veronicathepajamathief.blogspot.com/ andhttp://veronicathepajamathiefwritespoetry.blogspot.com/, andhttps://veronicathepajamathief.wordpress.com/
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  2. Glen says:

    I bet Elton John is feeling pretty damned stupid now! you write extremely intelligently.

    • Thank you, Glen… your words do me honor.

      I knew from the very beginning that I was going to use that line… “Good bye, Norma Jean.” People think of KGB agents as cold and calculating… I tried to convey some humanity.

      Thank you.

  3. Beach Bum says:

    Best story I have read in a long time!

    For reasons I will not go into deep detail to explain other than to say my mom loved every grocery store tabloid ever published she had several theories on Marilyn’s death and how the Kennedys were involved. But none ever involved the KGB, she would have freaked over this excellent story convinced this was how it happened.

  4. SueH says:

    Not one conspiracy, but two, huh!
    Have to say this is a well-crafted story! Certainly an alternative the currently ‘hawked’ theories – and you tied the two together very neatly!

    • Thank you, Sue. I am very pleased you enjoyed the story so

      When I first set out, I didn’t intend to have two conspiracies, in fact that last paragraph wasn’t added until the third draft. I really wanted to end the story with “Good bye, Norma Jean.”… but…

      I was still a little bothered that I had not used one of the 20 theories we were given, so… to ease my conscience…

      Natalya’s superiors, impressed with her handling of Marilyn, returned her to the States the following November.

      Thank you for reading my story, Sue.

  5. barbara says:

    A well-realized story! The switch to personal narrative is completely unexpected and brings a delightful immediacy to the journalistic form that comes before.

    I bet that’s what really happened too!

    • Thank you very much, Barbara!

      I really wanted to do something different here, and the prompt gave me a great opportunity. I am very pleased the two styles worked for you.

      I am not a big conspiracy theory fan, but yes… this sounds completely plausible to me too! Lol!

      Thank you, Barbara

  6. L Turner says:

    Nicely written and such vivid attention to all the little details! LOL As usual I enjoyed your tale. I thought the character of Thomas was very real. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Reg… I am pleased you enjoyed the story and all the little details. I had fun doing the research on this. It did take me a bit to find out the color and style of Eunice Murray’s car, and I really wanted that.

      I am glad you liked Thomas… yes, I thought he came out well too.

      Thank you for reading my little tale, Reg.

  7. David Barber says:

    A fantastic piece of writing, Veronica. Love the detailing in this and the ending was great. Well done!

    • Thank you very much, David.

      I am very pleased that you liked the detailing. I wasn’t sure about the ending… that was added in the third draft… but, people seem to like it, so I am glad I changed it.

      Thank you.

  8. Evan Henry says:

    Nice and interesting look behind the scenes, so to speak. Loved the switch from third- to first-person!

  9. A lovely erotic story I like the way you worked Dealey plaza intheir after revealing the assasn. I’ll be back for more. Thank you.

  10. A lovely and erotic story with a nice twist revealing the assassin then getting her to Dealey Plaza. Well done. I will be looking for more.

    • Thank you, Michael… I am pleased that you enjoyed the story.

      I rather surprised myself on this one… I am not into conspiracy theories at all, so I had to do a fair amount of research. I did have a lot of fun writing the story.

      Thank you

  11. Joyce Juzwik says:

    Excellent blending/crossover of two very famous conspiracies. The way you wrote this, you make them both very believable and very possible. Beautifully written and filled with layers of emotion. Brava!

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