Photo Credit – Copyright 2012 – Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw

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Rules – 100 words max flash fiction or poetry using the following words – rabbit, clamp, languish.  Deadline is 9pm UK time on Thursday 27 September 2012.


By Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw


From tattered, filthy garments… miasma of her diseased body exudes… dried blood and remnants of past meals a diorama on corpulent, greyish-pink breasts more exposed than concealed.

Scabrous-nailed… greasy fingers clamp ‘round the furred creature’s quivering limbs.

Rabbit… its tiny, beating heart… terror echoes across the dank bedchamber.

“Wouldst thou have me languish from hunger, Monsieur Lapin?”  Rotting, half-toothed maw gapes… grinning evil.

Blood-curdling squeals of the dying creature… sound of bones snapping… muscle and sinew tearing as the bitch-mother… sadistic vivisector… separates limbs from torso… freshets of blood spraying the soiled bedclothes.

Crimson drips… gristle hangs from lips…


~ finis ~

© 2012 – Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw.  All Rights Reserved.

About VeronicaThePajamaThief

Bio: Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw Born in Lisboa, Portugal to parents of Portuguese/Russian descent, Veronica Marie and her wife, Christina Anne, call the Pacific Northwest home, where the couple are “still very much on honeymoon!” When not teaching and finishing her own studies for a Masters in Sociology, Veronica writes fiction, primarily noir - "I love dark!". Her long fascination with noir fiction prompted Veronica to try her own hand at writing fiction several years ago. She has been published in Pulp Metal Magazine, The Lost Children: A Charity Anthology, the horror anthology 100 Horrors, from Cruentus Libri Press, Nightfalls: an End of the World anthology, Drunk On The Moon 2: A Roman Dalton anthology and Gloves Off: Near To the Knuckle's debut anthology. Veronica has also appeared in the inaugural issue of Literary Orphans magazine and her horror/urban fantasy short story SOUL TAKER was recently chosen for inclusion in Lily Childs' february femmes fatales, an urban fantasy/horror anthology. Veronica counts among her mentors - Carole A Parker, Lily Childs, Paul D Brazill, Richard Godwin, Joyce Juzwik and Vicki Abelson. She is currently working on the third draft of her first novel – a memoir – as well the second draft of her first fiction novel, a fantasy novel and the publication of a collection of her flash fiction and short stories. Lily's The Feardom and Vicki Abelson's Women Who Write Facebook writing group have both been a tremendous source of support and inspiration for Veronica. Veronica’s writings can be found at and, and
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  1. susielindau says:

    Totally creepy and well described. I love it!

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