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Why You Should Delete SnapChat – by Adam McLane

Why You Should Delete SnapChat I’ve been engaged in various forms of social media since AOL chat rooms in 1994.  And I’ve never seen a more dangerous application targeting teenagers, specifically girls, than SnapChat. Read the rest of Adam McLane’s thought-provoking … Continue reading

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Ultimate Buffalo Chicken Recipe Round Up!

Originally posted on A Modern Christian Woman:
Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings   As some of you know, I’m a little crazy about anything made “Buffalo Chicken” style – dips, enchiladas, pizza, mac and cheese – you name it! I really could eat something with…

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Art Nouveau – Selection of Lorie Humpton

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Originally posted on combustus:
Jonna Ivin, author of the ebook memoir, Will Love for Crumbs; Vancouver, Washington, USA: “I wanted people to forget they were reading a memoir, and instead feel themselves experiencing my life with me. It was important…

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I went for a bikini wax and got a hole in my head…

Originally posted on Self Professed Product Obsessed:
True Story… YUP, that’s me.  Wearing a hat to work 3 days in a row.  I have a band-aid on my head to cover the (still oozing) WOUND.  CLASSY.  Thankfully, I have a…

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Originally posted on BLACK FROM THE WAIST DOWN:
ive asked to be little countless times too many promises, so many crimes and there you were, just cuz i asked time that stood still, now quickly passed trickles of tickles, fast…

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Originally posted on Full Dark City:
Now that the Super Bowl is over, and I am done with twelve hours shifts, I can resume my true calling. Yes, I will return to my bitching. Not so much bitching I guess as pointing…

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Using Twitter: are you a writer, a brand, or a salesman?

Something else to think about … I recently wrote a few blog posts to help some of the people that I had met on forums to get to grips with Twitter. I said from the start that I am no…

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I think I ‘aced’ this, but then… I’m not a Baby Boomer (you all sure do have some ‘hang-ups!) *runs*

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