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If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.” ~ Iris Prose

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Mena Hoke wants the Master Vampire of Montgomery, Alabama, but the Alpha Wolf inside her craves the homicide detective working the case of the man she murdered.

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Forever is the Worst Long TimeForever is the Worst Long Time by Camille Pagán
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the very first page of FOREVER IS THE WORST LONG TIME, the reader is drawn into this ‘un-put-downable’ story of friendship, love and loss, trust and betrayal, redemption and reconciliation.

Camille Noe Pagan writes with an authority and compassionate understanding of the human condition, weaving a rich narrative with a cast of multi-dimensional, layered characters to create a truly compelling read.

James -the dreamer, Rob- the fatalist, Lou- the poet and woman who loved too well… this trio of friends and lovers is beautifully, almost heart-breakingly, real… are “center-stage” in this ‘drame de l’amour’.

Camille’s characters are brilliantly written, flawed with a ‘human-ness’ that makes them relatable on so many levels to the reader. As their story unfolds – told through the voice of James, with an honesty that is both open and at times brutal, imbued with a wisdom that belies the age of the narrator… the characters’ “layers” are revealed, pulling the reader through a range of emotions… love, hate, despair, hope… to an ending that will have the reader reaching for a box of tissues.


“Every event is different to those who have lived it, those who have witnessed it, and those who only later read of it.” This is one of my favorite lines in the book.

James only ever wanted to write a novel… something important. That was his dream. But from the first moment his eyes settle on his best friend’s fiancée, that dream begins to unravel.

Lou is a woman who loves too well and when the man she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with betrays her love, Lou’s heart finds a safe harbor in James… Jim, as she calls him. It suits him better than James, she told him when they first met. Jim, already hopelessly smitten and deeply conflicted, falls the rest of the way in love with Lou. It’s a short fall.

Neither know it yet, but their lives will be irrevocably changed.

Rob is undeserving of Lou. On every level. He sees betrayal as an absolute and the truth as shades of grey. He plays the role of the “wronged”, ironically unaware of his own duplicity.

We all make choices. And there are often consequences that we are not prepared to deal with. But deal with we must.

James, Lou, and Rob find their lives turned upside down and inside out as they grapple with the choices they have made and the choices they will make. They too will eventually have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

More than anything else, FOREVER IS THE WORST LONG TIME is a story of hope. It is a story of human frailty, of needs and desires and compromises and an uncertain future.

Love can come in a heartbeat. And end even faster.

Love can also be a long, slow “fall”.

One that can last a lifetime.

Thank you.

Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw
(Writing under a large mushroom somewhere in the Pacific Northwest)

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A Letter to Mom

This is so beautiful!


Dear Mom,

You are the reason I am able to buckle down and write.

I am remembering when you would, each night without fail, sit down at the kitchen table with the boys and I after a long workday to help us with our papers. I always thought it was because you loved us so much – never imagined it could be that you simply loved to write. Now I think maybe it was both.

I can remember the weekends when I would play with fisher price dolls on the floor in your office while the keyboard went CLICK – CLICK – CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. The sweet smell of old wooden chairs mixing with fresh cut grass outside the dusty, open window brings the happy memory bubbling to the surface of my beating heart. I do not think I ever truly left that itchy carpet in your office with keys going CLICK.

I have come to realize I naturally…

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Not Yet, Monarchs, Not Yet!

This is not good news. Milkweed is barely coming into bloom.

The Prairie Ecologist

Monarch butterflies are leaving Mexico and traveling north, as they always do.  However, they’re coming a lot further north than they typically do in April.  The first I heard about this was a text message from conservation photographer Michael Forsberg back on April 9.  Mike said he had just photographed a monarch butterfly with faded wings in his Lincoln, Nebraska backyard.  “Could this be from Mexico (seems too far north)?  Or could this be a local new generation (seems to early)?”  Yes, exactly.

Mike and I checked with some experts who all agreed that Mike’s butterfly had overwintered in Mexico and had flown all the way north to Nebraska.  And yes, it was awfully far north for a monarch to be spotted at this time of year.  Moreover, Mike wasn’t alone in his observation.  According to Journey North’s website, there have been numerous 2017 sightings of monarchs much further north…

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Offender’s Signature vs. Modus Operandi

Excellent mini tutorial on the difference between signature and modus operandi.

Author Jennifer Chase

Sometimes it’s confusing for people to differentiate between a criminal’s signature versus the criminal’s modusoperandi when they commit a specific crime. 

Are they the same?

No, they are distinctly different because one feeds on emotional needs, while the other is a procedure. 

Modus operandi is the method that is used to commit the crime and signature behavior is what helps to serve the criminal’s emotional and psychological needs.

A modus operandi or MO refers to the method or procedure that a criminal uses when committing a crime.  It comes from the Latin phrase meaning “mode of operation”.  Basically, all criminals have a method of operation that encompasses the habits, techniques, and any peculiarities of behavior.  The method can stay the same, but it will often grow and change over time as the criminal becomes more skillful at committing a specific crime. 

If an investigator or detective establishes the MO…

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An Open Letter to New WordPress Bloggers

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Dear New WordPress Bloggers,

Thank you so much for following my blog! I’m so glad you’ve decided to become a part of my blogging community. Or have you…

an-open-letter-to-new-wordpress-bloggersA few of you left comments. You are so good at what you do! That’s exactly how you build a blogging community. You are on your way to being a successful blogger. I always respond and try to stop by your blogs to read and comment. Here’s the thing: Most new followers never stop by the Wild Ride. EVER. 

Some new bloggers have an itchy index finger. They click to “Recommended,” and hit “Follow, Follow, Follow,…” all the way down the list. How do they handle so many new email notifications? They probably turn them off. What about the Reader? It may resemble a Twitter feed when following thousands. Whoosh!

A properly built WordPress blog is structured with real connections with…

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How to Be a Ladyperson at the Holidays: 10 Important Tips

I’m a superfresh candypants sugarblossom.

Straight from the ad pages of your favorite magazines, here’s your guide to being a girl in December. Take notes.

* * *

1. Stay cozy. Wear a baby.

wear a baby If you play your cards right, your sensitive, goateed dad/boyfriend/professor will reward you with a pair of socks made out of his extra sweater sleeves.

 * * *

2. Flaunt your complexity.

Embrace all your many dimensions. Think: "I'm an heiress and an Italian professor at this upscale tropical funeral." Show off all your many dimensions at once. When planning outfits for your holiday soirées, think: “I’m an heiress and an Italian professor at this upscale tropical funeral.”

* * *

3. Represent feminine softness in a hard masculine world.

coach All around you are skyscrapers made of bricks and iron and glass and ouchy things. They’re all pointy and hard. But not you. You’re a soft pink flower in a gentle haze of light. Everything around you is blooming, because you breathed springtime into winter. You’re a superfresh candypants sugarblossom.

 * * *

4. If you’re truly hot, you…

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